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Focus Pocus ™ is the world’s first learning application that effectively incorporates NeuroSky’s real time electroencephalography.

San Jose, CA, USA, April 18th, 2012 – Today Silicon Valley-based brain-computer interface company NeuroSky, NeuroCog Solutions (Australia), and award winning serious game developers roll7 (United Kingdom) announce the release of Focus Pocus™, an innovative gaming technique to improve impulse control, memory, and concentration in children. Created and developed by NeuroCog Solutions, and based on 15 years of research on ADHD, the wizard-themed game uses NeuroSky's brainwave-reading headset to assist children who have difficulty controlling memory and impulses. It assists children aged 7 to 13 years by targeting learning fundamentals (i.e. memory, impulse control, and the ability to concentrate), rather than subjective learning (i.e. specific content like math).

Goblin Bashing

Focus Pocus offers a new approach in children's skills development by combining real time brainwave feedback with learning and play. Dr. Joseph Graffi, CEO of NeuroCog Solutions, says: "Focus Pocus™ is a game with benefits. We are very excited about giving kids the opportunity to improve their behavior while having fun.  Focus Pocus™ is the first in a line of products that NeuroCog are creating that are based on research, as well as being user-friendly, affordable, and suitable for use by individuals at home or in professional settings." Stanley Yang, CEO of NeuroSky, states, "We are always excited to enable partners to develop new and meaningful products and Focus Pocus can contribute so much as a new learning tool." The player can race on broomsticks, brew potions, and fend off dragons as part of their journey as a wizard in training. Chief Executive of roll7, Simon Bennett, says "Focus Pocus is a vision of the future for games, health and education – combining the latest body sensors with a ‘gamified’ dynamic and real-time cloud reporting for parents and/or professionals."

Memory Book

The design of Focus Pocus provides a way for players to keep track of their scores in a fun and engaging way, making it ideal for those seeking to improve their abilities in memory and impulse control. Focus Pocus not only tracks and reports levels of attention and relaxation during different tasks, but also incentivizes them with playable rewards. Using game strategies and mechanics to reward positive mental habits makes this a cutting-edge approach in game-based learning that appeals to parents seeking to help their children develop their abilities in mental control.

Broomstick Racing

It is a new system that has produced positive results in research conducted by Dr Stuart Johnstone of the University of Wollongong (Australia), who tested the cognitive strategies utilized by Focus Pocus. He found that training in impulse-control and memory minimized the effects of distraction, improving overall concentration and behaviour. "I developed an interest in alternative treatments for children with ADHD after listening to their parent' concerns about over-medication," explains Johnstone.

Repel the Dragon

To purchase visit http://store-eu.neurosky.com/collections/coming-soon/products/focus-pocus. Focus Pocus is priced at $149 for the software and requires a NeuroSky MindWave $99. Currently the software is PC compatible only.

About Focus Pocus:
Focus Pocus is a PC game created and developed by NeuroCog Solutions using NeuroSky's MindWave headsets, with software development by roll7. It is designed to improve impulse control, memory and attention for children who have difficulty concentrating. Users play as a wizard training through 12 games and concluding with a boss stage challenge, with the options of single or two-player mode and adjustable difficulty making it suitable for children through ages 7-13.

The gameplay of this magical world is devised to be fun but also incorporates a series of feedback modes designed to track and train the player's mental states, highlighting areas where they need improvement. FocusIn is a parental reporting application that works alongside Focus Pocus, allowing parents to login daily and see how their child is doing with their exercises, and also reward them for good behavior, unlocking features within Focus Pocus.  FocusIn also provides a report after 25 sessions, focusing on performance and behavior change.  Using NeuroSky ThinkGear EEG (electroencephalograph) technology, players can measure their concentration levels throughout the game and obtain game bonuses for their attention-training scores and results. An easily portable NeuroSky MindWave headset reads and translates the brainwave data while the player is engaged and provides reports on the mental states and performance during the game.

About the MindWave:
NeuroSky's flagship product, the MindWave, is a wireless headset that safely measures brainwaves and translates them into computer-decipherable code that can be adapted interact with virtually any technology.

MindWave headset

About NeuroSky:
NeuroSky Inc, is the leader in mass-market Brain-Computer Interface technology for consumer applications. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in San Jose, CA, NeuroSky works with industry partners, developers, and with academic and research institutions, to provide innovative products and solutions. Grounded in over 60 years of medical research, NeuroSky's technology has taken proven medical EEG (electroencephalograph) technology, and evolved it for application to the mass market by making it more user-friendly and cost-effective. www.neuosky.com

About NeuroCog Solutions:
NeuroCog develops research-based solutions in cognitive training and electrophysiological feedback to improve cognitive functions. Using technology and training, NeuroCog provides alternatives to medication where cognitive activity and enhancement is concerned. www.neurocog.com.au

About Dr Johnstone:
Dr. Stuart Johnstone is an Associate Professor at the University of Wollongong (Australia) in the School of Psychology. His research centers on the cognitive processes of children and their role in normal development and disorders such as ADHD. He has conducted research measuring the brain activity of children using EEG technology, and examined alternatives to medication treatments to help children who suffer from ADHD. www.uow.edu.au

About roll7:
roll7 are a south London based digital agency and games developer that specialises in BCI. The organisation creates exciting, effective and engaging digital projects primarily targeted at young audiences, or 3rd sector organizations that work with young people.  www.roll7.co.uk

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